What an amazing new CD you've created.

It has shades of David Byrne and Brian Eno, to me, which I'm wondering if was intentional because Eno was quoted in the beautifully produced CD booklet.

The powerful lyrics and modern jazzy-inspired melodies blew me away.

Love, Believe and Merlin are great, but the song Remember was phenomenal! I've never heard positive affirmations to music like that. Wow! Wow! Wow!

And what about the song Do? Good grief. Rock monster with nothing but empowering lyrics. We all need to play this on a loop when we want to get - and stay - motivated.

I do believe you have created a new genre of music.

You have truly outdone yourself on this one.

Victoria Belue Schaefer
Pedal Ranch Publications


"I'm not terribly musical, I can't play any instruments or sing well even in the shower, and it can be very challenging to navigate my car radio with four fm areas, one am area and countless satellite channels. On my hour long drive to work each morning my search for something worthwhile usually leads me to settle on music played long before I was born . . . swing band music from the 1940’s era.

I no longer need to ‘settle’ because I purchased "Reflection," by Dr. Joe Vitale. After putting Dr. Joe's "Reflection" disk into the car player my search for music that would lift me up and put a smile on my face was over.

With world class instrumental music in the background playing toe-tapping tunes, I can hear words that will make me a better person as they seep from my conscious mind into my unconscious mind and help me to keep my thoughts on the ‘right’ side of the universe all day long. I quickly ordered five more copies . . . why five?

Well, my original copy is the one I will wear out in my car cd player, and three of the five copies I will gift to friends that I think have an enlightened spirit and will recognize them for the treasure that they are . . . and the other two?

I will keep them in their original wrapping in a special place with my rare coins and original Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall movie poster because I am convinced that one day these copies of Dr. Joe’s “Reflection” will be valuable far beyond their cost."

Jimbo Berkey


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